during the mission plan dron stop on air

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during the mission plan dron stop on air

Post by gabrielcz » Sat May 16, 2020 10:18 pm

Hello from Argentina, I am testing the application and I like it, but I have problems that I want to tell you about.
I use the flight mode that in Spanish is called "REGISTRO DE MISION" I think that in English it would be something of mission registry, is the manual
before last (up POIs mode), the one you do a manual flight and the drone records the flight, the position of the gimbal and others. I am a farmer and I want to save flights that make different tours of my farm. THE PROBLEM is that when I record a mission and reproduce it, the drone stops in flight, and re send the flight plan again ON AIR, this was done twice in the same mission.
This worries me a lot, and I'm in the demo phase of the app waiting to buy it, but this pulls me back

Can I use this flight mode to send the drone further than the control signal? With lithi I could, but as I said before, I am afraid that the drone will stay within the flight plan and there is no signal for it to receive the flight plan again and stay there, me without being able to see it and without being able to return.


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