Mission time/number of batteries

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Mission time/number of batteries

Post by NoordaScans » Mon Jul 29, 2019 5:24 pm

I am planning mapping missions of some large areas, how do I know how long the mission will take and how many batteries I will use? I want to map the maximum area I can but know that ahead of time, before I connect the drone and before I reach the site to be mapped. Does the app tell me this somewhere? If I had this information during the planning phase, I could change the overlap, area size, X7 lens, etc to be able to capture the site the best way possible. Thanks in advance for your response!

We are flying the M210RTK with the X7, 16mm, and 50mm lenses.

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Re: Mission time/number of batteries

Post by Martin » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:39 am

Hi NoordaScans,

estimating the exact mission time / number of batteries precisely is almost an impossible feat: Wind conditions, battery lifetime health, selected hardware, the blackbox DJI flight controller, etc. impact these values.

However, we do have a rough estimate on the flight time which you can access in the planning stage. When you are in the planning dialog you will see in the 3D preview window a small "i" icon in the top bar of that preview window. When pressing, you will see the time estimation given a selected flight speed.

In addition, once on site and when selecting the flight speed on-site during the mission launch dialog we again show a flight time estimation. I hope that these rough estimations can help you in planning the flight.

Furthermore, a refactoring of the current flight time estimation functionality is planned - but as it is complicated has not yet been implemented yet:


Best regards,

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