liftoff and landing waypoints

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liftoff and landing waypoints

Post by jprn » Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:58 pm


I saw in v0.2 release notes :
Functionality During Flight : It is now possible to choose an action in the end of the execution of a flight plan by selecting from the following:
- Hover over landing (green) point: The drone hovers above the landing waypoint (the green point) of the plan.
- Land at landing (green) point: The drone lands automatically at the landing waypoint (the green point) of the plan.
- Return + land at home (launch) point: After reaching the landing waypoint (the green point), the drone executes a RTH command (Return To Home), flying to the point where the drone took off. Then the drone lands automatically.

On v0.8.3 I don't see anything like.

Depending on the mode you choose (pro, shapes, quick, manual) you don't get the same action on the red arrow or the green point... Some mode let you choose RTH, other leave the drone hover on last waypoint, one has red arrow and no green point, and so on... It's particularly tricky and needs you test all the possibilities to understand what will happen.

I would like to find something simple when planning : wathever is the mode, one red arrow and one green point. 2 possibilities when selecting red arrow waypoint : liftoff or liftoff & landing. 3 possibilities when selecting the green point : hover, land, or return+land at home.
In other words I would like, whatever is the mode, choose when planning the point where the drone takes off, and what it does a the end of the flight (hover or land at green point, or return+land at home point).

Seems possible ?
Think like a pilot : simple is best and less is more !

Please apologize for my poor english.

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Re: liftoff and landing waypoints

Post by Martin » Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:31 pm

Hi jprn,

In the most recent version this is how it works:
  1. The liftoff point (red arrow) is only used at the planning stage. All altitudes are relative to the altitude of your planned liftoff location.
  2. The landing point (green dot) is used at the planning stage but also for automated landing.
  3. The mission end action behavior (auto land or hover) is something you can chose now during the launch dialog (with the exception of quick launch missions, as they are intended for quickly executing while the drone is already in the air).
  4. On site the drone will not take off where you initially planned the liftoff point (so not your red arrow location) but rather where your setup your drone. This "real" liftoff point is indicated by a H (and commonly referred to by Home location). During flight execution the waypoint altitudes are all interpreted relative to your home location.
Hope this clarifies the behavior a bit.

Best regards,

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Re: liftoff and landing waypoints

Post by Tkaiser » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:50 am

Dear all,

i do have another Question concerning liftoff and Landing waypoints. I noticed that drone harmony does (i tested the example of a top down Mission) not accept a waypoint for liftoff and landing that is set further away from the Mission polygon than some meters. While planning a mission i set the liftoff waypoint very close to the polygon and then in the field tested whether the app would allow me to start from further away - but the drone simply does not take off.

Is there a way to detour this? I would prefer to be able to choose freely from where my drone takes off (even a kilometer away), for example when the terrain (for example no roads, forest) does not allow for the drone starting next to the polygon.

Is there a specific reason for this constraint?

Thanks and many greetings,

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Re: liftoff and landing waypoints

Post by Bushie » Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:42 pm

I have exactly this problem. I wish to plan a flight videoing an island, but taking off from the adjacent shore. The island is some 300m off shore. Travelling to the island is not an option.

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