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Training Simulator Manual

Post by gil_dh » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:04 pm

A new feature in version 1.7 is the Training Simulator. You can find it in the menu under the Drone section.

What it is

Training simulator allows you to virtually fly the drone inside your scene using the actual DJI drone and the remote controller in the safety and comfort of your home / office. The controls and the physics (speed of movement, rotation, gimbal etc) are just as you would experience when flying outside.

How it works
  • Define or load a scene with at least one area or building, you can always update it later so there is no need to make it perfect upfront.
  • Remove the props from the drone. The app will not start the motors, but it is always better to be on the safe side as you will be operating the RC and can accidentally start the drone while inside.
  • Start the drone and the RC, connect to the app just like you would when outside.
  • Once connected, go to the Menu -> Drone -> Training Simulator.
  • Start flying in FPV mode using the RC, you see exactly what your drone camera would see. Use the sticks and the gimbal wheel.
  • If you wish to fly in 3-rd person view you could now go out of this view and enter the usual 3D view in the app (bottom-left button on the map).

What do you think?

Although the idea behind DH is allowing precise automatic flying, it is often required to have good manual skills, for example for missions such as "Position Calibration". In addition flying manually is a lot of fun so it is worth developing this skill even if you primarily intend to fly automatic missions. We would like to hear your feedback on whether you think this was a useful feature and if we should continue developing this track, you can reply to this post or write us to

Thank you!
DH Team

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