How to perform a Facade Inspection

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How to perform a Facade Inspection

Post by Jeannine » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:20 pm

Inspect a single facade of a structure.

1. Define your structure with the draw you scene toolbar.
2. Click on "+" bottom right
3. Select "Inspection"
3. Select "Facade Inspection"
4. Set the location for the liftoff and click on next
5. Click on the arrow that points to the facade you wish to scan and click on submit
6. Set the parameters (basics, overlap, camera)
7. Click on generate
8. You are back on the map now. Click on the generated flight plan on the right. It will be highlighted and is visible as 2d flight plan on the map.
9. Click on the cube (bottom left) to see the 3d model of your flight plan. You can slide the slide bar to see the drone's flight with the planned camera angle. You can also look at it from different angles by running your finger across the screen.


10. If ok, turn back by clicking on the arrow on the top left.
11. Connect RC/Drone and choose Drone Harmony as your USB device
12. Click on the "GO-arrow" on the bottom right.
13. Set flight speed and AE, mission settings and follow the instructions.
14. Enjoy ;-)

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