How to calibrate position

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How to calibrate position

Post by Jeannine » Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:13 am

Drone Harmony uses Google Maps which in terms of positioning is not always precise. In addition your drone's GPS isn't quite accurate either.

For this reason, Drone Harmony offers you a calibration routine - offered in form of the "Calibrate Position" Flight plan. This calibration makes use of the drone's GPS in order to align the drone position with your scene objects & flight plans, which have been drawn on top of google maps.

In order to be able to start this calibration you need:
  1. At least one polygon / area or structure.
  2. A connected drone with decent GPS signal reception.
How to get there?
  1. First draw the object(s)
  2. Connect the drone and the remote control
  3. Click on the "+" at the bottom right and select Manual --> Calibrate Position
  4. Select the corner and click on next
  5. Position the drone (flying or on the ground) at the selected corner and press C1/C2 on the remote control or the "Compute Button" on the Tablet/Mobile
  6. State positions (and also any existing flight plan) will now be calibrated and aligned according to your current drone position
  7. Create or choose a flight plan and start flying your flight plan in your scene which is aligned to your drone position
Note: You can create flight plans before or after the calibration - the outcome of the calibration will be the same.

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