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Installing DH on Crystal Sky

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:10 pm
by Martin
Drone Harmony does not run out of the box on Crystal Sky, since the custom Android system provided by DJI does not include google play store nor the google libraries that Drone Harmony requires.

In order to get Drone Harmony running on your Crystal Sky you will have to manually install software.
  1. First we update Crystal Sky to the latest DJI firmware:
    1. Open settings:
    2. Select update:
    3. Select check for updates:
    4. If an update is available, download it:
    5. Before installing make sure you have enough battery and enough space:
  2. Open in Crystal Sky the web browser - you will be using this to download the software. In order to open the browser use the F1 button, select Applications and open Browser.
  3. Open the current tutorial in the CS browser and Download the following software packages by clicking on the urls below (short version of the url for this page: Note, that the browser will not open a new window or show you a message. Instead it will download the packages silently in the background.
  4. Press F1 again, select Applications and open Downloads in order to install & open the packages:
    Install in the following order:
    1. GooglePlayServices.apk
    2. GooglePlayStore.apk
    3. DroneHarmony.apk
    Please make sure that after each installation finishes to press on "open".
    This will start the corresponding software package. You can return to the download page by pressing F1 button, selecting Applications and opening Downloads.

    The occasionally occurring error "Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped" can be ignored:
    Unfortunately, we have not yet found a way for how to get rid of this message.
If you followed this guide you should have DH properly running on your Crystal Sky! Congratulations.

Nevertheless, we are aware that this is not a desired process on how to install software. Unfortunately it is out of our hands and we hope that DJI & Google will soon find a way to properly support the google app store on the Crystal Sky.

After starting the app for the first time it is recommended to login to DJI, this is to prevent DJI restrictions on radius, altitude etc. In the app, go to Menu -> Drone -> Login to DJI.

Please write in a comment if this guide worked for your Crystal Sky. If you face any problems please let us know as well.

Best regards,
DH Team