Connecting DH to the Drone

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Connecting DH to the Drone

Post by Martin » Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:18 am

Hi DH pilots!

Some of you have certainly experienced troubles when connecting any drone application to your (DJI) drone. There are a few things to consider in order to successfully connect to your drone. In principle you should always follow this sequence when connecting an application to the drone:
  1. Turn on drone
  2. Turn on remote controller
  3. Connect USB cable to android device
  4. Select the drone application of your choice
Sometimes this does not work and we gather in this thread the knowledge on how to resolve potential issues:
  1. Make sure that you have not set a default application in the Android operating System!
    The android operating system offers you to open an application by default when you connect by USB a DJI remote controller. This is a similar concept as default file associations in windows, where for example a *.doc file is opened by default with Word.
    This default assignment is ok if you only plan to use one application (e.g. DJI go 4) but most are using more than one drone application. In order to be able to use more than one application you have to make sure that you do not have a default assignment. To change / remove that assignment you can go to Android Systems Settings -> Apps -> The application you suspect to be the default one -> Remove default assignment
  2. Switching between drones or batteries
    When you switch between different drones or you do a battery swap, sometimes the DJI software libraries do not successfully reconnect to the drone. In such a case restarting the drone, remote controller & drone harmony application usually helps.
  3. Connection issues with Samsung devices
    For some Samsung tablets the USB connection to DJI drones has a generic issue. There is a workaround involving advanced Android settings:
    1. Enable Developer Options: In Android Settings look for the Entry "About device". Inside this menu there is the Entry "Build number". Tap on it 7 times, this will enable the developer menu.
    2. Connect RC to your device via USB
    3. Set USB Configuration to RNDIS: Once developer options are enabled, go there and find the entry "Select USB Configuration". Use it and chose "RNDIS", if it jumps back to "charging" it still should be fine.
    4. Connect to the drone in Drone Harmony: Select Menu > Drone > Connect via USB
  4. Using WiFi to connect
    Currently we only support connecting by Wifi for the Phantom 3 Standard drone. Please use the USB - remote controller connection for other drones.
  5. Force close all DJI related applications (especially important for Phantom 3)
    The P3 Standard uses wifi and sometimes can be a struggle to connect. With this drone it is important that all the apps that can connect to it (e.g. DJI GO, Litchi, Pix4d etc.) are force killed before connecting to Drone Harmony (this is true for all the other apps as well, as all the apps use the same DJI SDK in order to connect and control the drone). To force close an app go to: Android settings -> Apps -> find one by one all the apps that can connect to the drone and then use the "force stop" button for each of them.
    After that you cab open the app you plan to use and connect the device to the Phantom wifi network. After few seconds the connection should start and you should see the telemetry and the FPV. Sometimes this process can be frustrating, unfortunately we depend on the DJI SDK for the connection process and are limited to what we can do to improve it.

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