Low Battery Level - what happens?

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Low Battery Level - what happens?

Post by Martin » Sun Mar 10, 2019 4:25 pm

What would happen if the drone's battery becomes very low in mid-flight?

We have a feature planned to show the estimated flight time during flight and to also implement an automated battery swap routine. But both will take us quite some time to implement. So what will happen in the meantime?

DJI has built-in logic that monitors battery levels. Drone Harmony does not disable this logic. You can read about this DJI flight logic on the DJI website here:
https://store.dji.com/guides/how-to-use ... n-to-home/

Most Parameters that change this behavior currently cannot be changed in Drone Harmony and have to be adjusted in DJI Go 4. But there are a few settings that we offer to the user to change during the launch dialog:
  1. RTH Altitude: The altitude that shall be used if a return to home is initiated.
  2. Fail safe action during the execution of automated missions: If the communication connection (RC or wifi) to the drone is lost during an automated mission, the user can choose between either continuing the mission or aborting the mission and then hovering in place
  3. Mission end action at the end of automated missions:
    When Hover is selected as mission end action - the drone will continue to hover in place when the last waypoint is reached. Use the RC to control the drone after this point. When Auto-Land is selected as mission end action - the drone will land at the last waypoint.

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