DH roadmap?

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DH roadmap?

Post by flyzk » Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:38 pm

Hi Martin,
Could you explain your road map please?
What features have you planned to implement before the end of the year? 1rst quarter of 2019 ?
Are you going to keep using google app or are you focussing a fully CS compatibility?

DH is a very great tool but we need to know when you plan to add:
- adding Orthophoto to the DH map to be able to use an updated map
- building an Orthophoto directly in the DH map while flying
- desktop planner
- using SRTM data fly at the right altitude to keep the good ground height.
- flying with negativ altitude
- dividing a mission in part
- add the Double Grind option in the terrain top dow (in both side)
- video streaming

Idea Plateform is definitly not userfriendly.... we don't know what you are developping or what you ve already developped,etc. It requires another account...

I hope you understand how important is for our (DH users & drone companies) to get a view in our Flight Planner's software's road map. It is strategic information for our customers focussing and investment choice


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