Flight plan management and storage

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Flight plan management and storage

Post by Cuspis » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:55 pm

As I already wrote in the DH idea portal (but it can be discussed easier in this forum):

After a while a lot of flight plans and its different versions accumulate and things are getting confusing with the increasing number of plans.

It would be helpful to use a foldersystem for sorting the plans according to projects. It should be possible to transfer the plans forth and back to archive or reactivate them project related. Some missions have to be repeated after a while in the same way but they don't need to be held in the active flightplan-folder all over the time for reasons of clearness.

At the moment during planning the flight plan choice always flips back to the first plan of the flight plan list, which is quite inconvenient, especially with a larger number of flight plans in memory.

A good idea could be to integrate this flightplan management into the future desktop planner. The active flight plans are transferred to the cellphone of the remote control - all other plans are stored and managed in the desktop's memory.
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