Web-based desktop planner components

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Web-based desktop planner components

Post by Cuspis » Wed Oct 03, 2018 2:48 pm

As I already wrote in the DH idea portal (but it can be discussed easier in this forum):

Please give us the possibility to control and edit (!) the parameters of every single waypoint of a flight plan in a kind of spreadsheet that can be dealed by Excel, LibreOffice or something like that. This spreadsheet should be saved back after editing and modify the respecting flight plan.

By these means it is easier to controll all the parameters (as speed between two waypoints, flight altitude, yaw orientation in degrees, gimbal inclination, foto parameters, start/stop of videos or fotos, drone position etc.) with one single view all over the whole flight.
In addition to that it will be possible to insert parameters with own calculations (e.g. for precalculated gimbal or yaw values in order to accomplish special video arrangements).

Sometimes single waypoints have wrong values (by own mistake) that are not observed if you only look at the flight plan on the map.
Sometimes it is necessary to choose absolute correct values for special parameters which at the moment can only be done by selecting every single waypoint on the map (nice time killing game with 99 and more waypoints!). And even by this some parameters are not accessible for the user at the moment.

For this idea you should give us a choice to show either the altitude of a waypoint (as it is at the moment) or the number of the waypoint (for a better comparison with the spreadsheet) on the map.

Good luck for the implementation!

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