Large Mission using interval shooting

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Large Mission using interval shooting

Post by vashar » Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:33 pm

Hi there.
I am a surveying engineer and i mainly use DH in order to plan flights for orthomosaic production.
Lately i had to scan some large areas that exceeded the waypoint limit set by DJI.
Even though i selected interval shooting the drone stopped at some point and some additional flight plan info was uploaded in order to continue the mission.
Later on when i lost connection with RC the drone returned home aborting the mission.
Is this normal?
My understanding was that with interval shooting selection you somehow bypass the waypoint restriction and the mission should be completed regardless of RC connection.

Am i mission something important here or is it just a bug.
BTW i use a Phantom 4 Pro with Samsung Tab S2 tablet.

Best Regards

Vasilis Haroupas

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