Manual flight problem with gimbal pitch

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Manual flight problem with gimbal pitch

Post by boxmanichou » Thu Sep 03, 2020 3:35 pm

Hi !
I'm new to Drone Harmony, i plan to just use it on manual flights. My goal is to repeat flights do end up with some kind of drone time-lapse.
i tested it this week and it works well so far, i did 5 manual flights going up and down, left and right and play with the pitch of the gimbal to get the limits of Drone Harmony.
I worked pretty well, except that on two flights it seems that the pitch of the gimbal has not been recorded so the flight is ok but the gimbal doesn't move, so the shot is useless.
I'm not really sure it's a bug, but i'm 99% certain i did the same way to record the 5 flights : Shooting pictures on "key points" during the first flight, smoothing the recorded flight and just played it. It seems that some of the recorded flight are ok, and some, well it's as if there was no gimbal tilt data recorded, and i could just tilt the gimbal manually during the recorded flight... :(
So is there something i didn't get ? is there a way to be sure that the gimbal shoots every time the way i intended ?
Any help would be very cool
Thanks !

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