Version 0.8.2 (24.03.2018)

Latest release notes to new updates published by Drone Harmony.
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Version 0.8.2 (24.03.2018)

Post by Martin » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:47 pm

Current full release notes
Release version 0.8.2 (beta) of 24.03.2018
  • Added flight time estimate to the launch dialog
  • Minor bug fixes
Release version 0.8.1 (beta) of 21.03.2018
  1. Improved KML Data import
    Drone Harmony now supports additional KML data and the KMZ file format:
    • Support for the import of KMZ files. KMZ is the compressed version of KML data (think of zipped KML data).
    • Construction of terrain surfaces by importing 3D line or polygon data in KML format. 3D KML data can be created for example with Google Earth or AutoCAD.
    • Import of a mission (i.e. a sequence of waypoints) from 3D line data stored in KML format. The yaw is oriented along the line and the gimbal pitch will be horizontal by default.
  2. Improved obstacle avoidance during dynamic launch
    When launching a mission where the drone is inside (or very close to) an obstacle, obstacle avoidance will add a close first waypoint in order to move first away from the obstacle. In addition, Drone Harmony will warn the pilot that the mission will launch from within the proximity of an obstacle.
  3. Minor changes
    • Top down missions were limited to at most one square kilometer areas. With the newly released battery resume feature, we decided to increase this limit to 10 square kilometers.
    • Histogram is now on by default in full FPV mode.
    • Added Pause / Resume button to FPV view. This allows the pilot to quickly change exposure settings during the execution of an automated mission.

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