Tilt a Top Down survey

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Tilt a Top Down survey

Post by Logger » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:42 pm

Can I do a top down survey that is tilted to stay above rising terrain?

I want to make a single orthomosaic survey of our 40 hectare property. The area is a rectangle that slopes up the base of a 400m hill. The survey area rises about 100m over about 1km. The final 300m of rise up to the top of the hill is adjacent to us.

I do not want to import terrain data. I simply want to tell Drone Harmony to tilt the survey plane so that one end is 100m higher that the other and to fly the Top Down survey above this desired plane.

Can this be done?

I successfully completed a Top down of the lower 10 ha part of our property (A). The next day I switched it to do the entire area (B) including the steeper part, taking off from near the highest point inside our property. So 100m up the 400m hill. Setting the height to 60m, meaning clearance would rise to 160m AGL at the lower portion of the survey. Anyhow 60m did not prove to be adequate as the terrain rises very steeply right outside our place. My Mavic Pro crashed into top of a Gum tree in the overlap and fell 30m to the ground the next day. So after I get the gimbal repaired an replace the two broken landing legs I will try again. Crash was totally my fault of course. I misjudged how steeply the terrain rises and had kept the survey height to 60m because the survey plane was level over sloping terrain and was not happy about being 160m agl in the lower part.
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Re: Tilt a Top Down survey

Post by Martin » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:32 am

Hi Logger,

At the moment we do not support input of tilted area surfaces which in principle could allow for creating such flight plans. I added your request as a new feature request to our idea platform:


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